Intelligent, high efficient and fresh cleaning experience for PV panels

Fully Intelligent PV Cleaning Robot

WT series of robots promoted by Wantong Technology can improve power generating efficiency by 10%-17% and save the cost of labor, water truck, etc at the same time

Cleaning right up into the corners

Dirt in the sides and corners have nowhere to hide. The brushes fitted to the robot can handle dust, snow, bird dung, leaves etc while moving both forward or backwards

Cleaning Test

Features of Fully Intelligent PV Cleaning Robot

It’s more smart than human being. Technology achieves excellence

High Efficiency

Belt-type brush is invented by our company with the character of high cleaning efficiency and no harm to the surface of the PV panels

Anti-drop Design


Anti-drop design will ensure the safe operation of the equipment

Low temperature resistance

Electronic components used all have a high resistance to low temperatures

Dust cleaning test after spraying water to the PV panels

Adopting the operation&maintenance plan of Wantong Easelive

will help the PV Power Station increase power generating efficiency by 10%-17%