Wantong Easelive will pursue to be a technology focusing company and endeavor to create brilliant performance in strength and in unity.

Core Technology Advantages

The invention patents

(NO.: CN201811295751.5, CN201811295188.1)

The invention patents includes all the hardware, such as the hardware for transporting the robot.

The software copyrights

(NO.: 2018SR1028775, 2018SR1022586, 2018SR1033665, 2018SR1027716, 2018SR1025320, 2018SR1022250 )

consist of all the app, the platform, the database and recruit program and so on.

The patents for utility models

(NO.: ZL201920464011.3, ZL201820658983.1, ZL201821731498.9, ZL201821725201.8, ZL201821725193.7,

  ZL201821724625.2, ZL201821736874.3, ZL201821733932.7, ZL201821733941.6 )

involving the cleaning system, walking system etc.

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