Free up your labor force with Automatic Cleaning

Ferry robot + photovoltaic cleaning robot

Wantong Easelive launched a line of ferry robot + photovoltaic cleaning robots, effectively increasing power generation while saving on labor, water usage as well as other invested costs.

Cleaning right up into the corners

Dirt in the sides and corners have nowhere to hide. The brushes fitted to the robot can handle dust, snow, bird dung, leaves etc while moving both forward or backwards。

Field floating ash cleaning test

Performance properties of Ferry robot + photovoltaic cleaning robot

The robot can be manually taken from one row of panels to another for continuous cleaning. 。

High efficiency

Efficient leather belt brushes are one of our company’s uniquely patented technology, which has high cleaning efficiency while doing no damage to the surface of the photovoltaic panels.

Field floating ash cleaning test


Anti-shock design to ensure the long lasting operation of our equipment

Low temperature resistance

Electronic components used all have a high resistance to low temperatures

Field floating ash cleaning test

Adopt Wantong Easelive cleaning and maintenance solution

It can improve the cost effectiveness of PV power generation.